Stained Glass Adventures

Stained Glass Adventures

I’ve been working for various stained glass companies since around 2003. Currently I’m with one in Glasgow and have worked with them for the last 2yrs, as and when works available. Which suits me, It’s nice to get around the Central Belt of Scotland and I do like the views from the tops of the church, but its not painting which is my actual job. So I do like to share some of the things I see apart from my own work now and again.

Today I was at a church in Upper Largo, which is on the coast east, past Kirkcaldy & Leven. screen-shot-2016-10-17-at-18-39-38

Here are a couple shots from the scaffolding I grabbed before we hit the road back to Glasgow.  img_20161017_125409img_20161017_125647img_20161017_125839


Its a nice stretch of coast, and looking pretty fine in the early autumnal light. The rain whipped in at various points in the day but passed as quick as it came. Windows repaired and back to Glasgow.

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