Long Time Gone

There was a time I made a post every other week, at least a substantial one every month and kept that up for a few years.

Until this year, which saw none (until now). And last year just a measly one. It was a bit sparse before that for a while too… I dont know what happened, my artistic output has not dropped just my desire to keep on top of the blog.  I am sad I stopped and it popped into my mind tonight…  took me a while to remember my sign in!

So maybe this will see a refreshed input, a try again. A change of style. For 4+ years I kept the same style of monthly long updates, maybe I was just fishing in the same spot where no fish were. So i’ll move, change the style.

Quick, rapid writing, no overthinking… ha ha .. ill try. I’d love to write up a huge blog on my trip to Japan, but I covered it pretty extensively on my gillesart.com blog with the full story so if you are interested in that its all up there!  It was quite the journey and Japan did not disappoint, but what was more important was I didn’t disappoint myself in making some pretty radical choices.

The last post I made here was actually few weeks before I made that trip at the end of 2015…. Now ive been back 7 months and I have a new work space in Glasgow ,at The Wasps Studio Briggait building, Im working on new paintings inspired by the trip and have a exhibition in the works.


Cant say when that shall appear, I’m trying not to rush it but at the same time I wanted to get it out while it all still felt fresh in my eyes. The longer it takes the more distant it becomes… I have a really good idea in hand though and its all taking shape. I hope all going well it could be ready around December.

Have you heard of the book ‘The Artists Way’ by Julia Cameron? I am giving that a go just now, its been 5 weeks and I still don’t feel I am actually past the first week of tasks but I am applying my mind to it. I am enjoying the process of the morning pages.

Anyways I am back! Is anyone still out there?


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