I Love The Smell Of Wood Stain In The Morning

I guess its like that ‘new book smell’, but for artists. When you get a picture back fresh from the framers and the aroma of cut wood, the wood stains fills your room. I love it.

Whether this adds to the enjoyment of the picture, or how good you feel about the framing results perhaps there is something psychological in there…..

blossom painting

This picture was one of my most ambitious requests yet, but the guys down at Kelvin Framers once again come through with the results and finished this picture perfectly.

3 wood panels to be framed as a single unit with slim divider bars between the panels.

blossom painting

blossom painting

blossom painting

blossom painting

So I was very pleased with the results. The widths worked perfectly, a frame should not just balance the painting I think it should complete it. And since I started this work way back in May 2013 and it was finished sometime around October that year, I am glad now in October 2014 its no longer wrapped up hidden away.

Framed and completed!!

“Blossom & The Mountains Beyond” – Acrylic On Board

This was the 4th in this series, mainly based around a brush technique I have been working on and the color ‘Prussian Blue’ which I used for the backgrounds of the set. The style of the actual Blossom’s changed through the set, it started off very loose and as I experimented with layers and techniques I tried to do something different for each picture and develop the look. This picture was the last and a combination of all the others.

This and more available from  http://www.gilliesart.com/


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