I love music, my thirst for charity shop vinyl finds (especially 3 for a pound) I somehow just manage to keep under control. I try to just get things I know I really like, and not just get something for the sake of it.

When the records are not spinning I have a french radio station on, like all the time. Its the only reason I got a smart phone, so I could install the app and listen to the station without the computer being on. Its awesome, and they play so much good music I find myself constantly writing down track names… so another app discovery called Shazam alleviates the need for hundreds of bits of paper, I tag the track and every now and then go back through the list to see what I liked.

You know the really good ones when you had to shazam it on more than one occasion.

So from the last few weeks here is a wee 20 track selection of music that for whatever reason grabbed my attention. Its a total mix bag, so there is no theme. Just music. If you can make it through the 20 maybe you will find something you want to dig a little more into……




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