Night Time Adventures

Night Time Adventures

Still working on my night time paintings, this time I combined the tree line style with a layered ink process I used in a painting a few years ago.

These are the results, really difficult to photograph because they are in areas so close to being black and they are meant to be viewed in a darker room. Its those subtle tones that cameras just cant replicate, nor should they. That’s the point of these.

an early start painting gillies

“An Early Start”

It Had Snowed Through The Night Gillies

“It Had Snowed Through The Night”

That Time Already, You Ready Gillies

“That Time Already, You Ready?”

And this is the original painting I made a few years ago that I brought the sky style from. Called “Hills Of Home” from 2008, still remains unsold yet is one of my favorites. In a half dark, lamp lit room (optional but preferred open fire) this looks amazing. But you cant get that across in a photo or in a gallery…


And I think our summer may of finally passed, as I type its a damp autumnal day. The leaves are rapidly disappearing from the trees. I have been checking out venues to try hold a exhibition asap. The painting situation at home has become totally extreme, somewhere near 50 paintings!!! It is however really cool seeing that amount of work in the one space, its strange but I can start drawing all these links between the paintings I was unaware of and you can only do that from seeing old and new side by side.  Great, but I do need to start selling them.

Looking forward to my exhibit in Ullapool happening imminently, I think these new works will go down a treat up in the North.


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