4 Years A Blog

4 Years A Blog

I got a notification last week, it was 4 years ago I registered on wordpress….

I think at that time I was already feeling the frustration with Facebook, I could never of imagined how bad it would of gotten 4 years later, so I set up a wordpress to hopefully find a more useful web social tool.

So 4 years a blog, perhaps 2/3 theme changes and two background colour changes. And has it been what I hoped for?
Indeed at times the process of writing things down has helped me process thoughts but that is all I can say about it, basically something I can get from a diary.
Maybe there is a voyeuristic element about your inner thoughts being available for all to see and how open you are about that makes for a enjoyable process. And you can look back over the years….

But over all, in the 4 years I have only ever had a handful of comments, pretty much no engagement. I’m not sure it has even acted as a gateway to sales, I get very few clicks onto my official web page. All things I kind of hoped for.
The whole essence of my blog was meant to be an insight into my work and practices. This I thought would of made for a engaging blog, certainly one that would inspire comment..

I know I can put a couple tags on this post and it will get 3/5 likes bang straight off the bat. You follow these profiles up its just spam. There is very little real reads.
The whole thing has been good for my images however, wordpress is bang on with google images. And after 4 yrs I have a fair amount of content floating out there. You should see some of the searches that lead people to my blog.

So where do we stand now. On a wire over a canyon.
On one side the wire, FaceBook. Failed and dying, after years of trying to build a legitimate following and interest to my work and business it gets more restricted everyday to the current point of being essentially unusable.
On the other side the wire wordpress, a hollow void of blackness. As I howl into the dark with no hope of a reply.
I can look on either side of me on hopeful uplifting air currents and I could dive off into a tumblr paradise… but with no reblogs of pop culture .gifs will i tumble myself to the canyon ground.

Its just all a little tired.
Tired eyes.
We all have tired internet eyes.

I want to close my eyes.
Click publish
The star appears.
Superlifecharm likes your post.
graceandbeauty likes your post.



6 thoughts on “4 Years A Blog

    1. well thanks! but i don’t really follow many blogs as I don’t read them. Just don’t get the time, and yet to find many that really interest me if i am totally honest. Not in the things i want from the internet…..

  1. Peter not totally true, Ive found your blog particularly the early years both insperational and interesting. I have commented on the odd occasion but I do get what your saying with regards engagement, my partucular interest is in stained and kiln fired glass in the main but any talent for art/design im into. I noted that painting and sales have been driving your blog more of recent which is fine but I think the audience that your reaching through a blog might be limited. People read blogs for many reasons but I think purchasing art or looking for art to purchase might not be one of them. As your comment says “yet to find many that really interest me” in general I think that applies to a large number of people which is why a blog/wordpress might not be the Facebook alternative vehicle that you are balancing over. That said I always read and enjoy your comments and pictures of your work and how you are progressing and always moving forward in a logical progression. Its shame that people are not happy to engage more, but keep up the good work and keep writing you will have something to look back on as a diary in the years to come. I wish I had started something like a diary or a blog many years ago Its sometime good to be able to look back and see where your are now and how much you have progressed…….all the best…….Ell

    1. Aw thanks Ell. Maybe I need to review what I am trying to do with the blog for my own enjoyment. Think back to what i enjoyed writing most and return to that, or look to where I have not taken it and go there….

  2. Pete, I don’t normally visit a site to read a blog I follow, I always just read it in my emails, maybe a lot of others do as well. I never really thought about how it would look from your point of view. I don’t leave comments either as it’s always such a pain having to sign up for everything.
    Hope you keep blogging as I always look forward to reading what you’ve been up to and seeing new ideas take shape.
    You are one of the few pages I still follow on FB since the new look appeared so keep smiling and doing what your good at and I might just be able to afford another piece of your stunning artwork again soon or even a glass hanger 🙂

    1. Thanks Mel, aye I had forgot about that perhaps a lot is just read in email. Thats a good thing I guess, I hope to see people making a return to emails. The lure of most social media was having it all, and we cant handle it all. Hopefully folk re-assess what emails they get and engage with those ones more.
      Indeed i think this is a transitional time..

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