Poetry Stained Glass

Poetry Stained Glass

A few years ago (2008/09) a friend sent me a text, the short poem I tried engraved and used in a small stained glass hanger with a leave section. Very experimental.

I never sold the hanger, it was intended to be given (and still is) to the poet who wrote the words but our paths didn’t cross again at that time and eventually the hanger & idea got filed away. Well I found it again at the weekend and put it up at home , everyone thats ever seen it has loved it. I could of sold it many, many times over and as I really like the idea I decided its too good to just be filed away any longer.

Maybe in part I was hoping to use my own words and this is why it just faded out of mind, but it would be nice to let people send me their own verse, as that was the original spirit of the concept anyway!

So launched tonight on gilliesart.com is the poetry hanger option. Send me you verse and I shall engrave and combine it with appropriate leaf section at my artistic discretion.

poetry glass


So now its out there maybe I will be inspired to try my own words, but welcome any order of your own making. The idea that there is a small verse to consider hanging up really excites my creative mind. And I think in part the act of reading something, perhaps like looking in your fav book once in a while will be quite powerful. The combination with the leaf really finishes it off and the piece is there to enjoy from a distance, but also to get close up and consider every now and then. I love it. Time to get the note book out and try to create some leafy inspired lines of wonder.



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