Web sites, like a room.. you move one thing its all gotta change

Morning. I have completely refreshed my website with new print sizes and totally new price structure. 
Its allllll new and hopefully easier to understand.

Few extra photos to go in yet to help illustrate what A4, A3 & A2 prints look like. 
Also still after some testimonials for the page, do you own something & do you love it? 

And incase you missed this months special offer of ‘Reaching Blossom’ original on offer for £200. 
Take a look – http://www.gilliesart.com/

blossom painting

Thats all my news, just working on my Sumi ink paintings for the exhibition at the end of the month and thats going really well.

Putting together a nice collection. Its mostly pine branch and blossom themed. The title of the exhibit is ‘Branch’ and as I have been learning the use of the Sumi ink I have been adapting and trying out new ways of painting with it. Its a lot of fun, certainly I think it suits my style very much. 



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