Merge is an exhibition on currently at the Skypark Business Center  in Glasgow. There are 42 artists taking part shown work in a wide range of disciplines.

merge-exhibition-glasgowWe opened on Thursday evening and it was fantastically attended. The show runs for 7 weeks and we have many events planned during the show. I have instigated a book evening where we are going to all bring our personal favorite books to share with each other. Your welcome to join.


1234123_10151867859757095_948975231_nI have just issued a set of prints as gift cards now available on my web page. 

They are 10x14cm images printed on really nice paper and the cards look fantastic. I am really pleased with them, I am working on making a small box that will contain all my prints. I have always fancied producing a book, but the idea that the prints are loose means you could frame them or simply stick them up. I have a couple of old postcards that have moved from flat to flat over the years, these images I really love.

I have paintings, and framed prints but its these postcards that I still put up time and time again and hold a lot of place for. So why not use my work in this fashion, you can buy something larger but maybe its that postcard that moves from flat to flat that will remain the longest and as the edges get bent and maybe torn. The old blu tack is reused, peeled off. But it over times becomes something of greater worth…..

So the cards exist now and I am watching many many videos on book binding and box making. I like the idea of actually personally making the box also. The whole thing becomes a very one off creation. Obviously it becomes very time consuming to make, and its not cheap printing these prints so the box price would be quite expensive but as an object that can be stored amongst your books and taken out now and again to look through it becomes something that I would really like.

Maybe I take out certain images and stick them up for a time, maybe you get one framed. You could change it over now and again. Would this appeal to anyone but me I have no idea…. so far I cant find anyone else doing this. I guess it almost becomes like the concept of an Artists Book, but more functional as a storage for a collection of prints. Maybe the box comes with a lifetime offer and I send you new additions over the years. Maybe this is Box One. I do another in a few years….  Ideas.


Come down to Skypark and see the show!!!!!!!!!!



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