Im Giving Her All She’s Got Captain!

Word up people.

Here is the script…..
I have an exhibition opening next week in Dunoon, then I’m sending paintings down to London in 10 days and have two exhibitions starting in April with more to come later in the year.

*UPDATE* The very next day after posting this I got offered a whole wall to exhibit in a very nice gallery in Glasgow starting in two weeks time!

I moved to Glasgow last year to move my art up a gear, and its been nothing but hard work getting to this stage but its finally looking positive.

Now with actual exhibition offers coming in I need to produce new work, get paint, canvases, boards, varnish, pens, frames & mounts, couriers, shipping, photographs, all sorts.
I’m requiring hundreds of pounds worth of materials & after 7rs of graft working this out I am really broke as hell, so… basically I call upon anyone that likes my work to either

  • make a couple quid donation via the newest blog post on the web site where you will find a paypal donate button
  • buy a print from the web page there are over 20 to choose from in many formats and price brackets.
  • share a picture from my facebook page to spread the word.

If you like my work you can have a direct part in taking it forward. Now is the time. Help greatly appreciated.

Here is the three newest pictures I got back from the photographer last night. There is a wider philosophy I will go into further next post but part of the spirit is the better I do the more work I put to the photographer, the printer, the framer. The better I do, the better they do.

Ive done so much work in the last 7yrs this last hurdle could be the start of a whole new race. A race where I really get to start painting.





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