Juno Design Gallery Dunoon

I have been asked to do the early spring Easter Exhibition at Juno Design Gallery in Dunoon.

dunoonimage source link

The exhibition will run from 15th March till the 5th May so if any of my readers have friends or family out that way do let them know. I have never been out that way at all, don’t think I have been west of Glasgow beyond the end of Dumbarton Road so totally new territory adventure!

It is a joint exhibition and I have got along Under The Kitchen Sink aka Scottish Landscape Painting for the show. We shall be displaying around 8 items each & I am thinking of producing a set of limited edition large format prints and one or two originals for the show.

A customer requested a special large version of ‘Unexpected Snow‘ this week and I am really looking forward to see how it looks when I pick it up tomorrow from the printers. Its over twice the size of the currently available print and being that bit bigger I think will have a lot more impact, especially for that picture’s foliage detail.


So as the printing was happening anyway I ask to get a print of ‘Snow Fall In The Woods‘ also at the same size. If they look as good as I expect them to this may be the format for the exhibition plus something special.

I still have around 6 new paintings to be photographed so these may be part of the show. Yet to decide.


Last week I also put pictures up in The Good Spirits Company on Bath St. Glasgow that will be on display in the tasting room for the next 6 weeks. The shop is lovely, the unit used to be a record store and they have made it very cool looking. All soft lights back lighting the golden bottles of fine whiskey, an awesome whiskey barrel counter and a record deck for in store tunes. Nice set up. Shame I didn’t have time to indulge in something from the shelves. A fine selection indeed.

Got in for another exhibition at the end of the year thats waaaaaaay to early to talk about now but its booked in… and something very good happening after a phone call at the weekend that I will reveal as soon as I can.

With all these exhibitions lining up I am gonna be a busy busy bee this spring.


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