Special Edition Print Offer

Special Edition Print Offer

I decided, after a great response to the image, to make this drawing available as a limited edition print.

The revised plan after trialing the offer on FaceBook I decided to simply put it up on the web page and

just till the end of the month it is on offer at £55 each, that’s under half what a print this size would be.

pen ink drawing of crowds of people on an indian street
festival crowd moving down the steps in a indian street scene. pen and ink drawing

The drawing is special to me as I drew it when I was 16yrs old and was working only with marker pens quite intensively. I had around 20 pens in use at any given time all at various stages of being run down to create different effects.

Now age 32 with my art studio in Glasgow I thought it would be rather lovely if it could fund my new work so its limited to a print run of 200 at this size and at the end of the month shall return to its normal price.




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