January Moon 1月満月

Its been a while since I put up a song. Musically its all been a bit all over the place this week. I discovered the very strange sounds of the Orchestre National de Jazz. I had a few choices as to what to put up, some more funky options but this music is so hauntingly odd I went with this !! The introduction is a old style song then its goes into some kind of spacey 1950’s car ride through a Parisian film noir circus story. Anyways…..



This week I got in delivery of my Block Mounted prints. One of the pictures called ‘Light In Inverfarigaig Forest’ I still have the original and at the start of the week I sanded down an old frame & painted it white to put the drawing in.  Here is the original drawing framed & the block mounted print.

drawing of Inverfarigaig forest Loch Ness Scotland

I started work on a board painting on Friday. I have never painted on board before and its a total revelation.

As I like to use fine liners a lot the harder smoother surface of a board is a LOT easier to work on over canvas. This painting started off similar to my last two but when it came to the tree painting I started off in pure black and it looked so good against the background I figured on painting the entire foliage in pure black. Here is a couple photos of the progress. Towards the end I rotated the board round and decided I like the moon in a lower position and the branches although painted in an intended direction / projection they looked almost better when I flipped the board round…. ideas for next time I think!


Basic Moon layout and started foliage. Unsure at this stage of the direction of the picture other than branches & leaves with the moon..january-moon-2 january-moon-3

Starting to get an idea on branch direction in relation to where the moon is placed. Placing and pointing the branches in a very planned manner so as to direct the eye and the feeling of the picture is something I spend a lot of time thinking about.january-moon-4 january-moon-5

Towards this stage I started rotating the board as  worked on areas to get better angles and discovered the painting looked great on its side as well as upside down. I went with the upside down version for the rest of the painting time. painting full moon tree mist green japanese


And that was my week! I’d like to try this concept on a much larger & detailed scale, that sure would make for some painting.

If your a fan of my Facebook page I posted a discounted glass selection this week of items I have had stacked up for too long. Still all work I love but needs to find homes over gathering dust in my studio so some good deals there.

The webpage is also all operational for your viewing pleasure! Hopefully I can get all the recent paintings photographed before the end of the month and add them to the collection of available prints. Or indeed if you fancy an original I have a studio jam packed right now so take yourself down & pay me a visit if your in Glasgow.

Did you make it to the end of that piece of music? The album is really nice, its been spun a few times already, odd but it certainly takes you on an adventure.

full moon painting

‘January Moon’

Acrylic Paint / Spray Paint / Fine Liner

On Board

Oh aye I always forget things, at the start of the week my soldering iron gave up the ghost. I have had it since 1998 so sad to see it go after so long. The end of an era folks! soldering iron



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