Leaves of the tree

Here is a selection of photos of recent items Imade. I have had an idea rattling around my head for a while about using a leaf or a selection to make up the body of a tree. Doing the paint work structure painted and fired I chose birch leafs and arranged them to make the body foliage of the tree. I think it worked really nice, although it was hard to arrange them to create a natural shape.

The other ones feature engraving and selections of autumn leaves.  At the moment the sun comes through the window for about an hour each day so I don’t have much of a window to get photos of everything.  Its nice to show them with the natural light illuminating the leaves, and the engraving comes to life with the sunlight.

I don’t put everything up on the web page, just selected hangers so if you don’t see something on the web page you like feel free to contact me.


autumn leaves leaded glass hazel leaves engraved on iridescent glass birch leaves tree leaded glass hanger birch leave leaded glass hanger hand painted kiln fired bamboo autumn leaf leaded glass hanger


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