To be fair that was a bit crafty

To be fair that was a bit crafty…..

what was?

mmmmm actually nothing it just seemed like a good post title but I couldn’t think of any way to tie in a story to that. Without making up a completely fabricated tall tale of how I managed to pull off the greatest Christmas Craft heist ever seen.  Which I didn’t.  I actually did not do that many this season at all, mostly because I couldn’t run the gamble of any not being successful this year. And I think that was a wise choice this year.

But its not all doom and gloom. Far from it!!! Reasons to be cheerful 1 2 3 !!

1 – The web page. Still trawling through the SEO and image tags in the background but its looking great. Some totally excessively packaged prints and glass and flying across the country this week. I do want to make sure it arrives safe so its taking me more time to wrap them up than it took to make!!  But better safe than sorry eh! I am fussy, I guess that is a good thing.

2 – A year in the studio. Not the official birthday (jan 4th) but it was December 7th I made a blog post about coming over to Glasgow to view the Studio and signing the lease.  So many things have happened this year, its been so so rapid. Pretty much worked 7 days a week since Jan 4th. Apart from last week when I got 6 days up in Nairn, but due to back pain & exhaustion spent most of it sitting / lying down and sleeping.

3 – Exhibitions. I end the year with 3 paintings up in local Business Center Skypark  along side 4 other Hidden Lane Artists. That has been a major part of this year, meeting other artists and the help that has brought. Same boat jazz, shared experience help, misery pint buddies, celebration pint buddies. I have a good hope for the forth coming year.

I could go on but ya know it has been over all a very good year. Mental degree of effort and hard work. But the forecast is bright !

Here is the 2 images I pulled off the net, one from Skypark’s in house magazine ‘Skyline’ about our exhibition and a feature in the online & printed magazine ‘i-on’. That gets massive distribution so maybe something will come of that. A painting sale to end the year would be grand. Maybe even two grand 😉 he he.

skypark art exhibition flyer

i-on magazine exhibition flyer for Skypark Glasgow

And thats where we end 2012, probably the last post for the year unless something amazing happens in the next 15 days…….

Happy Christmas everyone. Over the year I do now have a fair few folk following my blog. Thats really cool, I love your comments and feed back. Getting into maintaining the WordPress blog was a great move, its really helped me keep a focus at points over the 2 years this has been running. So Happy Christmas & thanks to those that follow!!!! Hope ya’ll have a nice break & hopefully we don’t see the end of the world and rock on into 2013……………



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