Movie Magic

Movie magic folks, its been a long time tracking this down but today I can present the Silver Screen movie debut of Peter Gillies Stained Glass & Art.

Lets go back in time to 2009/10 i forget… but anyways the story goes that while I was selling my glass & paintings as a street trader outside the RSA in Edinburgh, one Tuesday morning while doing some drawing I turned round to find about 15 Indian folk standing behind me. They were out looking for people to be extras in a Bollywood movie and would I like to take part…

Its taken a while to track this down but here we are, I present Peter Gillies’s Silver Screen debut. Behold movie magic folks. Movie Magic.

‘Mausum’ staring Shahid Kapoor, and me.

And for ya’ll Bollywood film fans the original drawing that I was actually working on during this take is still available, also available as a print from

This week I am getting ready for my annual show in Eden Court in Inverness. Taking place on the Friday 30th November and the weekend of the 1st & 2nd of December. The car is already making its way up the A9 as I type and I will be following with a few extra treats on Thursday. Really looking forward to getting up the road, always enjoy this show with Exclusively Highlands, and looking forward to presenting my new work to the people.

And finally something nice I found that is rather apt for my work I feel…..


2 thoughts on “Movie Magic

  1. Excellent debut! 🙂

    I hope the rest of the weekend went well for you at Eden Court. It was nice talking to you again (Friday evening), and thanks again for the card you gave me!
    Carrie xx

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