Lets just move the table slightly to the left…. a bit more….


Well I had a sit down with the web designer on Saturday, I only had one day to get a whole lot of information. He showed me the planned layout for the site, and we ran through how to create the pages for all the paintings. After showing me a few run throughs, I had to do a few myself and I have spent the last 4 nights uploading edited photos and content. I kind of have a lot of work prepared so its mostly been just resizing and adding watermarks to the designers templates.

During the day I have been mounting and framing an example of each print so I can get a product shot of it, and been working with a local printer getting a selection of pencil drawing prints mounted onto board, called Block Mounting. A style of presentation I really like, suits the Japanese flavor of the drawings I think. I got these done at 7×10 inches, although the original drawings were A2 I like the smaller presentation. They are like little books.


Its been very busy couple days, I’m keen to get this site up asap, so now the bulk of the work is done I just have to run a few look overs and check for mistakes and she is good to go live.

Very excited. Been wanted to get this done for a long time, but I guess it took the time it took and its kind of nice I can present all my work in one go. Some prints go back to 2006. There is even one drawing I did when I was 16 yrs old!  Its difficult to explain but the idea that these images can now actually provide me with a possible income is amazing. The crops sown over these last few years can finally be harvested! That was my goal back in 2006, if I was to continue doing Art it had to be full time and therefore it had to become an income to sustain itself & me.  With the conception of the prints and the webpage I think we are finally on the right path.

Learning a bit more of Photoshop has been great to, I wouldn’t say I have mastered it by a long shot but I have a hugely improved grasp of what to do compared to last week. Creating these angled product shot has been one of my biggest glories, I can improve them big time (my focus is not too sharp) , but to have the understanding on how to make them is huge for me! So very pleased.

As I left the studio this evening I had just framed up a couple prints I have not seen in a frame before. The mount looks great, but once you get a frame round the picture it really finishes the image off so well.  So thats me wrapping up for the night. 00.15hrs and tomorrow we do a final check.


And my most recent painting has been this massive rain / snow affair. I wanted to do a pretty heavy snow effect over a Japanese style maple tree, but the acrylics and inks were not giving me the effect I got previously with Oil, so I ran with the look I was getting and as it developed the picture became more rainy looking. When it came to inking in the foliage I quickly avoided making it look to leaf like compared to the previous picture. This one seemed to want to be more angular. With the sharp rain lines cutting up the shapes I tried to keep the whole piece more sharp which worked well on the overall appearance and still allowed me to create a foliage appearance but in a new way. The painting does have a total manga vibe and I am pretty pleased with it. Again new ideas I can develop… but this one did take a long time to ink up and I went through a horrific number of pens. I wonder how to get a sponsorship from a pen brand….

I shall get this photographed right shortly, but this will give you a general idea. There is a lot of detail in there!


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