Breaking News!

Breaking News folks !!!!!!



Hang on we need some funk here…..



The web page is up!!

In 2006 I sat myself down after a whole summer painting in the Highlands. If I was to continue working on my Art & the glass I had to find a way to make it pay & sustain itself. And It had to sustain me too.  That meant firstly doing it full time and beyond that….. well that’s what I have spent the last 7 yrs working out, exploring ways to make the art work.

One of the most obvious things was getting a web page up and its taken until right now November 2012 to get it done.

In a way its nice to now present my  mass collection of paintings and drawings. Most of which I am getting to see for myself in frames and all mounted up nicely for the first time. And I am way way pleased. The highland phrase would be Chufty Badge.

Yes I do want a chufty badge.

So a few tweeks to make in the look, fonts and size n such. But I trust it is all operational, my studio is full of prints & frames & mounts should you wish to order something it shall be winging its way to you without delay.

If you do like the page and the work please share my web address on Facebook or whatever social media you use. As an self representing, self employed, independent artist I rely on basic word of mouth and help from ya’ll to spread the news & I sure as hell need the help. So much appreciated if you share in whatever way, especially in the run up to Christmas.

Especially any of my readers in the Highlands of Scotland. After about 10yrs doing craft shows around Inverness I have no way of letting all those folk over the years know about this so that again is where the ol’ social media kicks in. There are hundreds of my hangers around Scotland, a lot concentrated around Inverness and it would be really nice to reach some of those folk.

I spent a lot of time walking about the woods when I was a kid, I spent loads of time looking out the bus window going up and down Loch Ness listening to Jackson’s Thriller on tape. Side A. Side B. Side A. Side B.  That was my education. It was the journey to school, not the school, where I learnt.

The pictures on this site is the produce of 31yrs work.

Oh aye I’d let that song play out, its great! The total soundtrack to the last 2 weeks I fully recommend the album, obviously not over one of my prints but hell if you can afford both Id buy it 🙂 Check out that Jackson style ‘Off The Wall’ rhythm section and backup vocals towards the end. Genius.

Gillies Out.


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