Got my mojo back!

Reblog from Michelle Campbell’s blog, a fellow artist in the lane in the building next to mine.


That’s right folks, I’m back in the game! Had to wait a long time for that bus out of crazy town but got here eventually and I’m back into productive mode…and it feels good 🙂

August and September were crap months for me and it really effected my creative flow (almost took it to a complete stand still). Not only was I not in the mood for painting, but I also wasn’t in the mood for blogging, updating my website, talking about my work…I just wasn’t up for doing anything related to my art at all. My motivation had gone into hiding but now I’ve found it and I’m back on track.

That painting I was doing of the Clyde? Well I wasn’t really feeling it. I haven’t written it off but I have ‘shelved’ it for now as I desperately wanted to celebrate my new burst of motivation with…

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