A walk in the woods

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During 2010 while I was street trading in Edinburgh, I started drawing while I was out to pass the time.  After about 3 drawings I stumbled into this misty forest style and put together a collection of about 17 drawings over the spring & summer.Drawn with 5b pencil mostly, maybe a little Hb, a smudgy soft green rubber & a bit of cloth. I selected 3 shades of pastel & smudged that in on some pictures for a little tone.  The foliage experiments in these pictures is what has led on the style of my most recent pictures.


6 thoughts on “A walk in the woods

    1. Thanks Ailsa, there is a section up top called ‘being creative’ which is my extended ramble about ideas and tips for drawing & being creative in general. The drawings were a lot of fun and drawing everyday, trying out ideas and developing the style through each picture really improved my technique & in turn the pictures themselves got more interesting as I worked out what I liked about each one and then tried to take those elements into something else.
      Thanks for looking !!

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