Back From The Fair

So back from the East Renfrewshire Food Festival. The Craft show overall went really well, almost rocking ! Saturday was real busy… Sunday was a bit more quiet but the weather held and it turn out okay. I sold well and spoke to a lot of folk and came back with only 4 business cards left!

What was disappointing was for a Food & Drink festival the food & drink part was pretty poor. Saturday morning the main hall of the festival was still setting up at 12pm. The selection was not great I thought, Ive seen much better representation at a local farmers market.

Outside were some highland coos, not a lot to eat, a band that were pretty good and a big row of empty market stalls and the bouncy castle…..  Oh yeah and like right, at the back at the furthermost part of the park, was the craft marquee. So ill keep my rant short but yet again I go to a show where the craft tent is given pretty much total dismissal, and in light of the rest of the ‘festival’ we were actually easily the highlight. Could be forgiven if this was a first time event…. but it wasn’t. If you are gonna go to the bother and no doubt great expense of staging an event, well at least do it right.

Fortunately in spite of all that enough people did make the effort so it was not in vain. If you are one of the many business card recipients then please do come down to the studio. There is not just myself but several other artists & makers for you to visit.

The reason I make the effort to go to all these craft shows is its the best way for me to show & demonstrate my work to a lot of new people on a one to one basis, this I cant do by putting work in a gallery or online.  But the key element is those that like my work on the day follow up online to keep in touch for the future.

Down at the studio I can show you the making process, the tools, the materials & have a bigger selection of the glass work and all my art work, paintings & drawings.

Sunrise over the Clyde on Sunday morning as I went to collect extra stock from the studio.

So that was that, met some great new folk too… I was placed beside the Canny Squirrel and got a lift home with two jewellery workers, Girl Paua & Eleanor Barron. All with lovely work.

The Friday night before the festival was our open studio evening. It was really good this time, a fair few folk came that were completely unconnected to any of the studios so I was very pleased. Onwards!!! If you have a smart phone put it in your calander to get a reminder. Its on the first friday of every month. The next one being 5th October, but as I say I am open all the time. Open Door.

So this post is mostly to just say hello to all the folk that took my card at the weekend.

You can read pretty much my last 2years of art life adventure on this blog, like going back to last May when I started the Bamboo painting experiments or back when I was street trading in Edinburgh its all here rants, sadness & glories.

There is a facebook page where you can see photo albums of my art and all the work currently available in the studio.

Till next time 🙂


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