Post Festival Thoughts

Post Festival Thoughts


Well the festival was a massive success. We managed to secure sponsorship from some local businesses mainly the fab local curry house ‘Mother India‘.

The Friday was spent putting up the marquees in a thunder storm, these were subsequently pretty much trashed by the wind & rain over night!  Arriving next morning I was expecting a gentle start to do some final studio prep but had to get straight into the lane to help repair the damage in pouring rain. It was windy as hell and I had concerns over whether we would be able to go ahead…

Williams Brothers turned up to set up the bar, the stage was going up, the hog was roasting away for later in the day. Meanwhile most of us were still running around tying bags of bricks to the marquees to stabilize them.  Well by around 1 we had done all we could. The council arrived to check & issue the license, which was all okay so we were good to go.   I put out my cards & sign on my table & retired to my studio for a cup of tea & hoped for a good day.

Would people actually venture into the building? Upstairs in my building is painter Andrew Peutherer and he shares his space with Mairead MacAulay and we were the only ones in our building with a open studio. So I hoped folk would venture in to see us. My folks & sister came down for the afternoon and stood outside in the rain trying to direct folk to the studio, they did a tremendous job as by 2 I had a solid stream of folk making their way through my door.

I found it difficult to handle that many people at one time, wanting to speak to everyone I could but simply having too many folk in to address at the same time. What do you do?

In the space of an hour I had more folk through the door than I had in the previous 6 months. The whole point of the day for me was the opportunity to show folk what I do & let them know where I am. So I tried to engage with as many folk as I could and made sure as many folk as I could get to got a business card. Hopefully reading this your one of those people!!!

Fast forward to about 8pm and the stream of folk tailed off and I cracked a beer open.  I actually failed to take any photos during the day but here is one courtesy of Andy upstairs from out in the lane mid festival.

Couldn’t of asked for a better day and the sun actually came out for a time.

The next ‘morning’ the heroes made it back to dismantle the broken marquees and clean up the lane.

After that energies were pretty much zero so me & Andy staggered over to the Mela Festival in Kelvin Grove Park for a curry.

 Shame the Mela wasn’t on another weekend cause it was one not to miss it, music / colours /foods and smiles it looked like a pretty fun event.

We discussed organising sign-age for the front of a Lane to try improve the level of traffic into our studios, alot of folk seemed to enjoy seeing in the studios and its highlighting that we are open all the time is the challenge.  Some new girls have a space in the lane now selling restored furniture, I have not met them yet but I’m glad they are here as thats another one to add to our open studio vibe. I kind of envisage some kind of late night event, putting candles out in the lane and having a wee special evening (maybe monthly) where folk can visit all the studios that are open. Sort of studio tour evening. I think it would be really nice.  There are not many of us doing this but given some planing it could be really cool so the wheels are in motion.

Up on Monday morning I’m in a car off to Paisley to take window templates from a church. Its non stop man…. hence why I look rather broken in this photo. Tired but ultimately got positive vibes from the weekend. Worth the effort.


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