Hidden Lane Festival

Its the annual Hidden Lane Festival on the 23rd of this month. When I took the studio space the festival seemed like a long way away and I am really surprised how quick the last 6 months has rolled round.

I went to the meetings when the festival planning was getting discussed and over the last couple months have not really been able to contribute very much…. what do I know about stage hire & PA systems? Nout.

But today I got my chance to shine..!!! The task of taking information flyers round the block to local residents and all the lane studios. That I can do. Ha ha 🙂

So its on the Saturday the 23rd. Really looking forward to it, its the biggest / only shot in the year for letting A LOT of people know where I am and what I do… so its a pretty important weekend for me.  Don’t think I’ll be posting till after that weekend as I need to be focused and prepared.

Also I have noticed I am getting a fair few clicks off the Hidden Lane webpage so if your one of those people come down & visit me!!!



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