Happy Trails

I have a ‘go to’ radio station for listening to music, called FIP, its a Paris based station and they are great, primerally Jazz but they play a varied selection, well come on its Paris of course it gonna be cool. You can stream them live and tonight while editing my photos I hear this lushious bit of music.

So news…… After giving up my lavish life in Edinburgh I spent from January until now staying with various friends on floors and sofa beds and couches… Good news is this weekend I got myself a room in a flat. Oh to have a door that I can close and go to bed when I want, get up when I want.. Its glorious!!! And not just that I am staying with some top folk. The house is filled with music.

But epic thanks must go to those that put me up, I would of certainly crumbled long ago with out help.

So on the spirit of good feeling I went down to the studio today and rocked out some wicked work. I had fired up a lot of tree’s on the Iridescent water glass and have been working on enraging techniques and double plating with differnt glasses. Today I made these 3 items. Excuse the lower quality of the photos but it was camera phone, I couldn’t wait to post them.


Its been a wee while since I did my leaf work, it was nice to give it a break but its also nice to phase it back inconjunction with my painting fired work and the engraving.  So far looking good, I have plenty ideas lined up and the weather says sunshine all week so I think some good making is going to happen over the next few days.

The reason the leafs are back in use is on Friday my sister got married, she asked me if I would do the wedding favours so I made a petal shaped hanger with a pressed leaf / flower and the persons name engraved on it. They came out looking great, it was a bit of a stress getting them all made in time as I left it rather late and had under estimated the scale of the mission… but it all turned out great.

So I figure if I wasn’t so rushed it wouldn’t be a problem to make this part of my range. So if you know someone that is getting married you know who to email.

The wedding was great craic, she had also asked me if I knew any bands to ask, I knew just the band. And they agreed to play so we had the fine tallents of Edinburgh’s  ‘James Brown Is Annie’ for the night. Not your normal weeding affair, this was all out funk city. My folks were worried people needed to hear songs they knew to have a good time…. I disagreed.

If its good music people don’t really care what the songs is, not being able to sing along does not mean your not going to have a good time.  So we did not hear Brown Eyed Girl or other such usuals.. You dont need to know the words to dance. And dance they did.

You can find them here and Barry from the band put up this lovely comment after the gig.

” Had a fab time playing the funkiest wedding in Scotland last Friday night. There’s not many people out there who will let a band play their own (funky) material, so props to Miss Gillies for inviting us to get everyone up on the good foot at the Dalmahoy Hotel. We hope you and Dar have a lot of happy years together. By the way, it was really nice to play your folks’ ‘first song’ given they never got a chance the first time round :)”

My folks couldnt afford a reception when they got married back in the day, so they never got a first dance so we arranged with the band to play ‘their’ song, it was a very nice moment.

That is all my news, I am just revelling in having a room to call my own again… With the worries of the gallery set up, not having my own place really didn’t help, 5 months really took its toll.  So feeling pretty good right now, and that energy will be fully channelled into ART!

And how good is Baden eh? I just listened to the album that track is from, ‘Baden Play Vinicius’ its really nice. Ah perfect soundtrack to a warm summers evening in Glasgow.

As usual (if you have not already) see the facebook page where I have my shop section and photo albums of current work, I made my first sale the other month to Alberta Canada and the hanger survived postage so to my golbal readers I can post 😉

And if all goes well I should hopefully be attending a fair here in Glasgow’s westend at the weekend so will post photos from that…..

Laters gators


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