A box in the post

A box in the post

Well my first paypal transaction went successfully through and the item was delivered safely to Canada, that’s a relief.  Always a bit of strange moment when the package is left behind in the post office now at the mercy of a system I cannot control. To be launched onto trucks, conveyor belts, aeroplanes, more trucks, chucked around in a crushing pool of mail across the world for days and days.

Little box, with a name, numbers, streets and codes of post on the side,

I hope you find your destination.

Wrapped and protected the best I can, paid for & with the promise that someone will sign,

Off you go on a journey.

And the destination should you find, unboxed and received intact

To hang up in a window for many years to come,

To be warmed by the sun in the summer, to be chilled by a frost in winter 

Allthough far away and I may never see you again, little hanger in the sun

Have a nice time

Its chucking it down outside, I have resorted to a medical course of Oscar Peterson & a big bar of Fruit n Nut chocolate.  Heading over to Edinburgh tomorrow to do a kiln fire. I should of gone today but the weather was so dire I couldn’t face the journey.

Last night (when it was nice) I was talking with a friend about the tree’s turning green again as we roll toward summer.

In the winter we have a phrase in Scotland “the nights are fair drawing in”, as its getting dark earlier. I think its odd we don’t have a summer version as last night it was still bright at 9pm.  The nights are fair drawing oot, perhaps?

And every year it comes almost as a surprise to us, the arrival of summer and the change of the seasons, the trees turning green, its not new to us. Its happened every year of our life’s so far. Yet each time it comes as almost a fresh surprise! Well ill be its half 9 and look how bright it is!!

For all our sophistication and intelligence as a species I have to think we are just this comical bunch of creatures who are confounded and dazzled by a simple rotation of 4 seasons.

Anyway that’s my rambling thought for the day….


3 thoughts on “A box in the post

  1. Comical bunch of creatures…you’re spot on. There’s always this sense of wonder and elation at that first realization that yes, it’s turning spring! But it always happens, over and over, with that same feeling, and always, every year, I’m equally surprised and happy.

  2. If ever you are looking for a kiln closer to the hidden lane, you can contact me (Glasgow’s East End0

    1. Hi Stephen, sounds good. The only reason I make the journey over to the burgh is I paid for the gas that’s in it just now (although its not my kiln) so want to get use out of it. Not sure I could afford to rent time on someone elses right now…. but its an imminent reality. Drop me a email with your contact details.

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