The Turn Of The Tide

 So its been 4 months since I moved over to Glasgow to open the studio.   It’s taken a couple of months to get settled and feel the studio is, and myself, are operating smoothly.  With some fairly extreme emotional ups and downs and confidence in this choice of change I think we have passed through the turbulence.

In the last 2 weeks I got my tools over & I was able to make again. Its been a great 2 weeks and have produced some items with some great new ideas. With the pace being raised in terms of my output it seems to have had a ripple effect on the Gallery itself. With at least two / four visitors a day coming in, a few email requests and a number of new commissions lined up.

And as a bonus to the last few day where things have gotten better and better I was biking home (even got a new bike!!) and spotted one of my hangers in a window of a Glasgow home. Instantly recognised as one I sold in Nairn in 2006 at my exhibition I put on in the Nairn Arts Societies Hall one summer.  Nice to see it hanging up 7 years later.  I dunno, something about seeing it there kind of signalled something to me.

This morning I made a hanger and then had a sit down for a cup of tea. The cherry tree is blossoming up out the window, the sun broke through the clouds and as the light passed through the branches & the blossoms, with the wind shaking the boughs I look up to see a dance of colour on my wall as the lights travelled through the colours of my glass.


I have been reading a book on the life & work of M. C. Escher the Duch graphic artist. Considerably interesting, he has quite a back story and its been a real suprise to read and gain a new understanding & impression of his work. It seems in the last 2 weeks that every time I have just sat down to take a moment after making something, someone comes to visit. Cetainly not complaining after 4 months sitting on my own but seriously folk will think I do no work all day.

So maybe its just the arrival of spring, the sun appearing out a bit more but something has definitely changed for the better. And with the change its important to change gear with it, as Gil Scott-Heron said in an intro to a Delta Man… 

” This is a song about change, you see…
many things about the changing aspects of our lives…
since change is inevitable, we should direct the change
rather than simply continue to go through the change…”


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