Rooting Around The Archives

I was trying to organise my archived art photos this morning on the computer, its a total  jumble of folders mostly containing duplicates but after much rooting around I did find enough of these photos to put together a slide show I took at the various stages of drawing a picture.

At some stages I was using the computer to make edits before drawing on the picture to see how it would look, normally I do this in my head but it was fun to make bold changes without touching the actual picture until I was happy to do so. Here is the start to finish….

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Drawn using 5b pencils, 9b graphite stick, soft & hard rubbers and a cloth.

Gallery news… well I have not had any actual visitors yet apart from friends & family members which is a bit depressing but it’ll take time. I am learning to accept the things I cannot change & deal with the things I can.

I did get a phone call at the weekend about a painting I took up to a craft show in December. It was a hellish journey marred with missed connections, invalid tickets, snow & ice… but I got there in the end with the painting I wanted to display and 3 months later I get a call to ask it I still had it.  SOLD! So that validates that effort… and a possible sale from Folksy, well not a sale but a commission so I’ll get that made next weekend. So quiet, but busy….  Feeling positive, the initial burn of sorting everything out had really tired me out but this last week I am starting to feel alive again, helped a lot by getting to see Justice the other weekend in town. Vicious beats, just what I needed to bring back my funk.

And a reminder to see the facebook page where I have added a shop ‘app’ for my glass work.


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