St…st….st….strathpeffer ! Bless you

St…st….st….strathpeffer ! Bless you

This weekend I was in Strathpeffer.  Not a village I have ever been to before, I seemed to have it in my head it was really far out of Inverness. Turns out that’s not the case. They are quite high up though, so I guess maybe the winters are difficult.  The weather was classic, alpine fresh day, sun out with a good frost in the morning and sunday just the same.

The turn out was great on the Saturday, not so on the Sunday but overall it balances out.  Spoke to quite a few folk I’ve met at previous shows so it seems the last few years work is starting to pay off.  And the new work got a great response. It’s always interesting to see what sells from the table first.

The scenery around Inverness is really beautiful.   I’m always a bit disappointed to be getting back onto the train to Edinburgh.  But workshop beckons and I’ve much to do.  This coming weekend im in Dunkeld, hopefully it will be well attended but it is a new location for me.  We’ll see how it goes……  All you can do is make the best effort you can.

I got some great photos I thought from the weekends travels. Shooting out of car and dirty train windows these are my favourite shots.  I really like telephone poles, and lines.  I never put man-made stuff in my paintings but there is something appealing about phone lines. It comes under the same bracket as chimney pots.  Maybe the mental logic is chimneys means fires which means warmth.  Telephone poles…. well im not quite sure maybe something about contact and reaching people?

So its head down till friday, Dunkeld prepare yourself for glass……  Lets do this!


3 thoughts on “St…st….st….strathpeffer ! Bless you

  1. Hello :), I met you on Saturday, and then again on the Sunday when I came back for the little birch leaf/church glass piece. It looks lovely hanging on my window! Strathpeffer’s a nice little place, and always so pretty at this time of year (well, all times of year really – the trees do it I think!). You got some great photos there – I like the first one best.
    It was really interesting to see what you do, and nice to meet you too :).
    Carrie x

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