The Dance Of The Hammer & The Tea Cup

I really should wait to put all these videos up in a sequence, but I’m so pleased with it I have to put it up immediately. Still to run some experiments to get the best speed for the timelapse, but i did this one at 0.04 frames per second and it works quite well, maybe a little too fast.

The process you will see is the reconstruction of the window. The window has been traced, measured, dismantled, cleaned and repairs. The final workshop phase is Leading it up, soldering and putty.

The lead is preformed ‘H’ shaped lengths in various thicknesses. The glass in this window was very thick, some bits over 20mml which does make for a troublesome leading time.
This size of window would take around 2 days to construct, I think due to the glass thickness this work was shot over 4 days.
So finally we can journey back to earlier this year for the time lapse of the ‘leading up’ of a Stained Glass Window.

I really like watching the various tools dance around the bench over the course of the film with a rather fitting musical accompaniment I thought. On to the next one!!!


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