This week….

This week….

In my last batch of work I was experimenting in layering glass with painting on both layers to create shadow and ghost like appearance. This week I wanted to try plan a little more how the layers would look, instead of pairing up unintended sections. Although leaving the painting to chance creates its own beauty I thought I’d try plot how the finished item would look.
So using tracing paper, I can draw the intended top layer and then depending on how that is flowing use a second sheet to plan some background imagery.

This week im not getting quite the same results from the kiln. The last work on the same type of glass seemed to come out with an element of the whiteness burnt out making it appear more pale. This only occurred round the edges but an effect I did like, however its not happening this time. Maybe the glass is just thicker in terms of the white colouring.
Anyways I also tried a multi 3 panel painting, this I do like a lot.

I had a discarded piece that I had given a watery paint and blew the paint to try create some interesting lines. This time I covered that in a thin matt of paint then brushed it out to create shafts of light. This then backed a simple bamboo on white top sheet.
Front & back..

Also tried a pine tree branch, inspired by a Japanese wood block print by Matsumura Goshun from 1800.
May do a little more work to this before its turned into something, this is just the 2nd phase of firing.

And a second 3 panel design, this one I tried a different painting technique, and used cinnamon baroque glass to border it.
Got lots of ideas now, hopefully by the end of the week I will be onto some Oak tree designs and other things. And finally found a nice coloured moss green glass to use, but can no longer get my favourite brown. Always something eh?

Till next time…


7 thoughts on “This week….

  1. I have to say, I was not “looking” for a blog like this – stained glass! But your work is beautiful, your posts are interesting, and I’m quite looking forward to following your blog in all its uniqueness! I have always loved stained glass! Glad to know there are people out there continuing and restoring this awesome art. 🙂 Best to you.

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