Stew Stew Studio

Stew Stew Studio

Well the open studio went very well. Maybe not as busy as last year but everyone that did come through the doors were very nice and I had some nice chats, a tasty mint & pea soup and a very tasty slice of cake. I also had 40 blog views on Saturday so thats my personal best so far!! Go homemade business cards go!

So its 1 month till the craft fair extravaganza, my glass order came in on Friday from the new suppliers in Glasgow so its time to rock n roll.

I finally took some pictures of the windows I had made previously, so this is not new work but certainly unseen.
Hopefully some business might come from the weekend.
Anyways here are the previous windows….

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Also met some of the other artists in the building and saw some great work. I left my list of names at the studio but will put some links up tomorrow.
Tonight I am super tired, its feet up and a marathon of ‘Law & Order Criminal Intent’ for me.


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