Crafty weekend

Crafty weekend

So I splashed out on getting the train up from Edinburgh because I had a loaded heavy trolley and its a bit of a hasstle on the bus. And the bus is living hell, so i opted for train luxury. It was delayed an hour leaving… the carraige door was jammed open so frezing draft the whole way…. & the toilet door opened and closed for the entire 3 and a half hours! Well was that worth the extra money…..? No.
Aye well never the less I had Friday to chill out and take a walk on the beach and Culbin woods which was very nice. Time to think and settle my mind for the show Saturday.

Saturday, game time! It was a really sunny day and the numbers of attendance were really high, much to my surprise. The new bamboo work went down really well and got some great response (and sales). My only thought was i need to pimp up my display for the next set of fairs. I have a lot more I could be doing with my space and really am not making the best of it. So work to do there.
Sunday chilled out took the rest of my work out to Logie Steading Art Gallery for their stock over the christmas period. Stopped on the way back at Randolphs leap next to the Findhorn River, lovely spot.
Now im waiting on the bus departure back down the road where is time to clean up the studio for the open day on Saturday and make some items to sell. Got to chase up my glass order because I only have till the end of October before its solid craft shows.
Lots to do.
Failed to get any photos of the actual event in progress but here are the highlights of my weekend….

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