To The North!

To The North!

Well its mid September and the last time I was up north was for 2 days between Christmas & new year! Really can that be right? I think so..

But that aside im pretty hyped for the weekend. The event is the Living Food at Cawdor Castle. 2011 marks the 6th consecutive year of Living Food, an event which celebrates local, organic and artisan produce.

Well that I didn’t know, I just was glad to get on a show so soon but this actually could be really good.
And im pretty much totally prepared !!!!
No mad late nights at the studio, everything is done, bar 2 hangers I want to modify. 250 art cards are prepared, train ticket booked and im even arriving in town 2 days before the show. No late night quest the night before for me!!

And for the first time I will have the camera with me so expect a full documentation of this weekend which will include not only craft fair fun but the beach, the forest, some rivers & maybe even a fire if the weather is kind.

Its game time!

oh man i just looked down the exhibitor list, this is going to be tasty food central…….

Dont forget the bag of cones pete!


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