hello little blog, and what do you want to be when you grow up?

I want to be a space man.
No way! There is no freakin way im going into space. Anyway we are deviating from the post in a record first sentence.
This post asks the question what should this blog be about?

The plan was simply to share a glimpse into the work I do at the Stained Glass studio by photographing jobs as we work through them. Mostly because I don’t think there is anything out there in blog world covering this.

And also put up things about my art work, not just posts on finished pictures more along the angle of the work in stages maybe with details on my thoughts on experimentation and techniques.

Do people start blogs to build following of people interested in that particular subject? Surely that’s the target? I worry about not making a post in over a week, but if I have nothing to say what’s the point in making a post? It shouldn’t matter should it?
I’ll post when im good and ready and the small number of folk following this will enjoy that post, hopefully, when it comes.

Okay that’s decided then. I’m not slacking, but from now on ill save up my photos, ideas, projects, and make only relevant posts when the occasion arises.

This will be the last post until the start of September at best. Im back working on the street attempting to sell my art, as the studio work is a bit sparse just now.
If someone reads this that has a wicked studio somewhere in California or Canada or anywhere and wants to give me a job do us a favour and give us a shout.

Till sometime…….


One thought on “hello little blog, and what do you want to be when you grow up?

  1. Hi there, my first thought, at the question ” what I want to be when I grow up “, was police man, now because I just grown up I work at an IT company where I am working as computer tehnician. The thoughts when you are young don’t match with what you gonna do in life. Best regards !

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