August can only mean one thing…. FESTIVAL

Some aural pleasure while you read this weeks chat

The Festival. Oh what joy of joys.
You can already tell this is going to be a total rant….

Well the town is rammed with tourists, and out of the wood work appear a cache of twits wearing alternative coloured chord trousers and a poorly chosen tweed jacket number, that doesn’t fit, bought out of a charity shop. None of these clothes are worn at any other point in the year.
Oh maybe throw in a cravat for the higher level pretentious luvie. Ya ya ya.
Oh lets wear a hat, you never wear a hat at any other time of the year. And take it off inside.
Don’t forget the ultimate accessory. Cause your nobody, and your name certainly ain’t on the door, without a laminated Pass round your cravatted neck.

The shows, the shows. With all the fresh faced enthusiastic kids scampering around promoting they’re production.
Oh goodie. Its at the same level of originality as a Art School Degree Show. Yeah buddy I saw that last year, and the year before. Stop littering my life with your flyers.

And the festival haters… yes indeed the haters. You live in Edinburgh, your aware the festival happens every year. Your in town, its so so busy. Your running late, you cant get through the crowds, your getting stressed, you begin to try and rush. Pushing pulling, the stress is rising. Your child’s crying, the buggy, the crowds. Arghhh you loose the plot when someone bumps into you. Your head explodes.

Well my friend maybe you should of not taken the obviously busiest route possible, left a little earlier, and generally not been so thick. You deserve the suffering you bring upon yourself.

The street performers.
Well great, another uni cycle juggling routine. Get out of my sight.


So onto business. The Art. The Glass, the blood.
The art? Not much, have not touched the big drawing in about 2 weeks now, I think I should cover it up until I feel more charged.


Well bad news on the glass front. Due to a gap in contracts I’ve been given the week off which isn’t entirely useful as I’ve got no money saved to go anywhere, and subsequently no money coming in.
Well its only a week, hopefully….
So I made a phone call and got a few shifts for the next few days helping a photographer friend run his stall in town, hence the festival hate rant.
But that’s totally weather dependant so we shall see on that one.
Its quite quiet on the traders scene, normally its mental competitive, but there seems to be a fair bit of space this year.
So I could go out with my own work, but its almost easier to just take a sure 40bucks over possibly earning nothing and the task of pushing the trolley rig into town, and the sorrow of nobody giving a damn about work you put your entire heart into. Plus pushing it all back home again. I’ll take the 40.


I have been thinking that the best things seem to happen when you make a radical out of pattern directional change in life. Thats just a side thought im not going anywhere with that…


I might just be a bit bummed with this gap in work as it illustrates how unsteady my situation is but I guess who isn’t. Maybe im actually better off than most.
Yeah before on the street the money was so random and hard, and now I get paid every Friday but its not really any more secure.
mmmmm well a few too many thoughts flying around my head this week. Lets just hang fire find out what’s happening next week, be thankful for having good friends in town, excellent weekends to dance through and 5am licensing….





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