Its a long way to top, if you want a cheese roll.

Well it was pouring with rain today but we headed out to the church regardless (hour & a half drive), just in-case the weather was any better out there…. it wasn’t.
So I took some photos, ate my roll and we drove back.

One of the nice things about this church is 2 framed drawings by the front door. From 1933, these are the cartoon designs for 8 windows, designed by Gordon Webster (1908 – 1987), the son of famous stained glass artist Alf Webster, he made a major contribution to the decoration of Scotland’s churches.
One window was built, but the other 7 presumably for financial reasons were never completed. Its nice to see what was planned though.
This is the completed window & its original cartoon. (a cartoon is what we refer to as a scaled colour drawing of the final design.)

And these are the other drawings for the 7 unmade windows. Sorry about the flash, did the best I could.

The windows we are actually working on aren’t that exciting, just rectangles, but windows none the less.

When I got home I did find a cool chair sitting by a bin. One of the great things about living in the area I do is that it is a free furniture superstore. Lots of students moving in and out just now, so there is a constant supply of things being chucked out.

I’ve had chair unhappiness for a while. I got rid of my couch so I wouldn’t have anywhere to sit and waste time, in a way to force myself to do more work at the drawing board. Well no doubt a great plan and it did work but I think I do need a chair to sit in, a nice reading chair. A sit by the fire chair. Something low, a bit wide, maybe with red cushions…… look what i found!

Chair happiness is mine to know.
The power of visualization, think it and find it.

oh oh ill stick this final point in, onthe back cover of the Kurt Vonnegut book I just finished is this photo…..coincidence?


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