A sad day….

My boss went out to pick up some supplies this week and came back with the news that our Glass & Lead Suppliers are shutting down their Scottish & Irish branches. Which now means we have to order, or go and collect, from Liverpool! And as the price of lead continues to rise and I wonder how the glass businesses in Scotland will cope with this development now we’ve lost our main stockist.

The very next day I went into town to get some more fine liners to crack on with a Painting I’ve been working on to find that the main Art Supply store in town has shut its doors also. Trading since 1984, it trades no more. There are other stores in town, but Millers Graphics closing comes as a bit of a shock.

So that’s the bad news, and the good news? Well the pencil picture I’ve been pondering over the last few weeks I think is pretty much done. There are a couple out of place branches that need homes and im going to try darken up the mid section a little more but its only going to be touch up work, the main features are all in.


The fine liners are for a Painting. I used a mixture of Ink’s and acrylic white paint for the whole thing, and am going over it in Fine Liner to define the various areas. Until the varnish goes on the pen work is a bit hard to see, and I have only filled in the bottom half and middle right area. I’ve done a couple pictures like this one and still looking for something I have not yet found.

So that’s the art work update. Today (Saturday) I wheeled the trolley into town and did a wee shift out selling. Total waste of time, it was just too hot I think.
But no loss and I sat and finished reading Kurt Vonnegut’s ‘Cats Cradle’. I really enjoyed the book, kind of like Jack Kerouac in a way and reminded me a bit of Erehwon by Samuel Butler. I will definitely get some of his other books.

The day only brought one decent conversation with a girl studying glass work in the Ukraine. She was looking for some studio’s to visit so we got the maps out and I pointed out some places.
I don’t think im cut out for street trading any more. Last year I was going out from 10am till 6pm nearly everyday, today I managed 12pm / 5pm.
Maybe I would of felt better about it if I had sold something but I just have kind of lost the heart for it. Maybe now I’ve got money coming in & im not relying on sales that’s part of the reason, but it just didn’t feel right today. I think Im going to concentrate on just saving up the work & putting on an Exhibition at some point.
Its a shame I had such ideals about art on the streets but the reality is no one cares really, and you can never out weigh the imported tat brigade.
So the trolley may roll no more.

Well we have covered the rapid decent into economic destruction, literature greats and that leaves us with music. Well this week I’ve been enjoying a total mix bag with no album being the favourite of the week, due to the sunshine its been Soul Funk shuffle all the way.

So in that case in ‘honour’ of the late Amy Winehouse here is a classic for sure….

Rest In Pills.

And on a connecting note to that cause its genius…


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