Drawing fun

For the first time I have utilised the computer to help with a drawing. Its a LOT of fun. Basically I have ideas about lines and shapes that compose a drawing, and spend quite a lot of time considering where things line up, where I don’t want things to line up and creating triangles of interest.
So at various stages tonight I have taken a photo and stuck it into a photo editing program so I can draw over lines and make possible adjustments before I do it on the actual picture.
Ohhh check me out and my technology!
Its way fun, I used to sit here for ages working this stuff out in my head with memory lines going all over the shop, now I can just turn around and its all up on the screen. Super fun.

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So from this you can see I pay attention to the base lines of the trees. I don’t want them to line up, well certain ones. And the tops I am trying to create a visual line to take the viewer into the forest. I am also trying to create loosely some triangles of interest, I just find this looks nice I guess there is a particular reason for the aesthetics of this but I just know what i know.
Its funny how the RED tree base lines are almost equal distance apart going up.
Not intentional, I didn’t notice until I put the lines on the photo, but not far off being exactly the same! Not sure if this is good or bad yet….

Still have to darken up the mid section, to define more the white misty areas and the not so misty areas. Making the tree’s darker & bolder has helped but still a ways to go.
I could of waited till the drawing was finished but its so much fun I figured I’d blog it while its fresh.

Actually getting to the point where I have all the tools I need to do the things & ideas I want to is great. First off just having a workspace was immense, then a decent drawing board, rulers, now I can utilise the camera & computer in such a quick time this is really for me is a total revelation. Big smiles !! 🙂 I cant see it being an early night…..


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