Play misty for me

Here is all the pictures from last year drawn while I was out with my stall, minus one that sold. The photos are a bit shaky but its just to give y’all a wee preview, im getting them scanned & will be available on cards or as A2 prints soon.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

For along while ive been thinking about alternative ways to present work & I kind of like the idea of these all going into a large format book as a collection so you might spend time enjoying one picture or travel through it looking at each one, but that’s going to require more than 17 pictures.
There was a intended progression with each picture, changing the way I did the mist, experimenting with branches then leaves adding in reflections and water.

The ingredients you need to cook your own are
One 7b Graphite stick (this will last forever)
Thirty 5b Pencils (maybe 3 or 4 to a picture)
One Hb Pencil
2 pastels (i chose blue and green shades i liked)
A wee green rubber that’s quite soft & ill be damned when its finished cause its great. Used for smudging.
A harder rubber for cleaning up areas.
A bit of cloth for creating the mist used with the graphite & pastels.
Stanley knife
A Makeup Blusher brush for dusting off rubbings and bits.
Gives me an idea of doing a post on my top art materials, going into the art shop is a expensive thing and if truth be told eventually you boil down to just having a small core set of items you use.
There is a lot of stuff you don’t need & I guess it just shapes with your personal style. mmm going off on a ramble now, cease typing….


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