YES the camera is repaired thanks to Cameratiks, after a tentative cycle home in between some mental thunder storms this afternoon my lovely camera is back home safe & sound.
So took a photo of last weeks picture, which does bare a striking resemblance to an older picture I did but it had a horrible scrape on the paper & I thought I could generally make a better job of the scene now the plan was in mind and not just made up on the spot.
Here she is..

Inspired by the desire to draw again I remembered about another big picture I’d abandoned and was somewhere on top of the fabled wardrobe art graveyard. I tried to do a really minimal thing with the mistiness, but it was just too sparse so I started filling in some areas and its looking great now, from something that was in line to be burnt to being my new favourite…still alot to do but its well under way

The plan is to somehow give the intent of quite dense forest yet keep the misty vibe. The problem is implying dense forest but keeping it light and not using too dark a pencil. The ol’ Hb and a bit of smudge seems to do the job.

Pictures drawn with 5b pencil, Hb pencil, soft rubber, 9b Graphite Stick and a cloth. And my favourite tool a cheap makeup blusher brush thing to dust of rubber bits and pencil dust, not sure where that came from but its become an indispensable bit of kit.


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