Squirrel Tactics

Sooo I didn’t make it out on the street at the weekend… I was just too tired.

The week started good, I stayed after work about 5pm till around 11pm. Did the same Tuesday and Wednesday and come Thursday I was totally shot.
But i did get a heap of work done, i think i needed to really kick start myself but from now on ill limit myself to a couple hours each day, no mental 8hr shifts. On top of the day work its just not sensible.
Its funny as soon as i start getting into working everything else goes out the window, i don’t care about food, sleep, seeing people, all i am interested in is being in the workshop making. But this leads to totally burning out eventually, i find it really hard to rein myself in and not push it.
But the stock box is filling up and there are hangers adorning every window in the house. The camera is still in the repair shop so no photos this post but you can take my word that they totally kick ass.
The bamboo style is working really well, plus from the church we were in this week I managed to salvage a heap of green coloured glass squares I can use.
They smell a bit, the place was really damp but a bit of wire wool action to clean the grime off and they are as good as new. So i got some nice shades to use which is a total blessing because i really cant afford to buy new glass right now.

The prices are going up & up. I don’t know how businesses will manage? In 2002 a box of lead was aprox 40quid. Its now 140 quid. Solder has gone up to over 500quid a box and that’s a near double increase from last year! WTF I mean i cant just double my prices? But basic materials are now almost to expensive to continue.
Ive been enjoying making this last 2 weeks but at the back of my head I have to ask is it worth continuing.
It was hard enough getting the money together to have a nice stock of things but now that’s totally not an option. So im very grateful for that which i can find for free, especially when its the right colour. But i cant find lead and solder for free…..
mmmm well i think ill do another round of bamboo painting after the weekend and then move on to some tree styles. I was thinking of doing a particular tree each week so in a few weeks Ill have a nice collection of lots of different things.

Also its all very well filling the shelves up with stock but i got to make some selling plans.
I need a proper web page and some pay pal action available. Thats moving up on the list, plus all those drawings i did last year need to be scanned and get some prints on the go. Okay okay one thing at a time buddy.
Listening to ‘Sound Garden’ this evening. Id forgotten how much i enjoyed them…


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