Back on the case

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With all the work ive been doing recently painting & firing I was in the mood to do some of own work. Plus it was my cousins wedding so id rather give a gift that was made and even better if i make it myself so incentive to work!! I have been in a bit of a rut with my own personal creativity so this kinda pushed me into getting back on the case.
I don’t know what took me to bamboo painting… but anyways that’s where i got to. I wanted to use slightly opaque white glass, but i experimented on green and blue and fired up about 8 different designs. From these i got a couple hangers, I really like the way they turned out and am going to further investigate. Its alot of fun painting bamboo. I watched a whole heap of you tube videos and the brushed used are quite similar and the paint lent itself rather nicely to this style. So im going to defiantly try some more out.
I have to get back on the streets next weekend as im pretty broke and i had a camera disaster at the weekend so that’s gonna cost to fix. Back out with my little table and a smile…..


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