Rebuilding the past….

This weeks mission was to recreate a window that had been vandalized. There are two figures in the scene, i think its possibly meant to be Mary & Joseph, and the bottom half of the window was destroyed previously, repaired badly then vandalised again. So its been boarded up for some time and its restoration time!
In the slide show you will see a shot of the window prior to removal, a redesign shot as we tried to recreate what the window should of looked like. And some shots of the new layout.
This week ive been mostly working on the letting part at the top of the window which reads: Espovsed To A Man Whose Name Was Joseph. This is a multi staged task of first painting the letting and borderline work. Firing that in the kiln. Then adding in the stippled shading color around the letters, also fired then finally adding a amber stain the the reverse side which is also fired.
Update – if you go to the time lapse section of this blog you can follow the entire process in time lapse shorts.



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