post festival…

Well i failed to post as much as i hoped to but here its September and i have something to post. Working out on the street as usual I took my drawing board down to try some drawing while working the stall. I don’t know if its detrimental to sales, maybe people don’t want to ‘disturb’ me or it detracts from the glass work… if nothing else I’ve managed to put together a nice collection of 13 drawings so far.

All on A2 done with a 5b pencil, a soft rubber, a soft putty rubber, a cloth and a 7b graphite stick. I started mixing in some soft pastel with the cloth to give a colour tint. this has been working well. I have not managed to scan the bulk of the pictures but below is the first few i drew. I have kind of run with the misty tree vibe and the newest ones have got into well you’ll see…….

birch tree with dense misty forest

Apart from that sales have been real bad this year but the good news is i got my old job back at the restoration studio starting in a few weeks. Regular wage coming my way 🙂 that will take the pressure off and ill actually have some money to buy some canvas.

This is the first time in my life ive been so consistently drawing everyday pretty much. Its fun to run with an idea, keeping on it working out new ideas and improving thoughts on previous attempts. I had an exhibition in August but didn’t get any photos.. I did sell a couple paintings so that was encouraging.
Onward and upward.

pencil drawing of birch trees in culbin woods nairn scotland
pencil drawing of birch trees in Culbin woods Nairn Scotland

This weekend is the wasps studios open weekend. Thats where the restoration studio is based and as the boss is away on holiday I think ill make full use of the space and take down all my pictures to display there. I think its a fairly well attended event so maybe I can make some cash.
Rent is due once again and its clean pockets for me.
Roll on employment

pencil drawing of inverfarigaig forest
pencil drawing of inverfarigaig forest with sun light through the

misty forest reflected in a river pond pool woodblock print style
Pencil drawing in the style of a Japanese woodblock print of a scene forest woods with trees in the mist.

trees casting shadows

The green tinted misty picture was drawing whilst on set when i got a gig as an extra for a bollywood film being made in edinburgh. It was a market scene and i had my stall. I think i got alot of shots so maybe this picture will be in the film. that would be pretty cool, the film was called ‘Mausam’ directed by Pankaj Kapoor. The leading man seems to be pretty big deal in the bollywood world, Shahid Kapoor, and the leading lady was Sonam Kapoor. she liked my picture, should of asked her out for a coffee!