Iceland…. grrrr

Well its the end of April, and after bad week followed by bad week ive hit the bottom of the barrel.   Barely any sales this month so im out the flat and totally broke.  Good job I have a good stash of glass and lead so if nothing else I can keep making, even thought I may not be able to sell these items.

Last night saw Gil Scott Heron at the playhouse.  It was real good, what a legend. I got into Gil quite late, maybe when i was 22/23 and i would never of thought id get the chance to see him live.  A total treat.  Came out the venue with feet still dancing and it seemed strange that at the same time I couldn’t be broker yet couldn’t of been in a better mood.  Screw it, just gotta stay positive time were into may.  Man for a final test this is really testing.

Hope by the weekend things might start to pick up again but the numbers in town are low and just by looking around at the folk that are here no-ones got shopping bags, they aint spending.  I simply take it as a challenge to go into the studio and come up with better work.  Had a good session on Sunday.

Well the sun appears to be out, in contrary to the weather forecast…. so ill hoof some alpen down if I have enough milk, and go stand outside for a while.  Heres hoping for a sale today!


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