sometimes all you can do is laugh

well its the height of the summer, in fact with midsummers day the other week i guess we are on the down slope to winter. The end of June and i just had my worst month ever. Just before i finished yesterday i was totalling up the months sales. Reaching the total of 390 for the month i put my head in my hands and muttered ‘its all f*cked’. much to the hilarity of my friends who were en-route to meet me and watched this comical scene from a distance. If I didnt laugh i’d cry I tell you.
But strive ever on im off to the studio as soon as the rain lets up to do some work. Its all you can do, just make better work and keep on it.
Im looking into getting my drawings scanned and printed as cards so at least i have some small value items for sale. Maybe that should bridge the gap. But i need the cash to pay for that…. aghhh.

The only saving of the month was my extras part in a bollywood movie. Mausam, which is being made by veteran star Pankaj Kapoor and starring his son Shahid Kapoor. Quite frankly that saved my ass and i managed to pay my friend back who had lent me the money to pay last months rent. I totally got some screen shots so hopefully ill be in the film when it comes out.
Maybe another 400 quid job will drop out the skies this month cause Im in not much better a position.
Damn its difficult to maintain positive spirits sometimes. You put so much heart into the work and some weeks you feel like your getting nowhere. 😦 i think some tunes need to be played cheer my ass up. Come on July save me!!


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